OVFL All-Star Ring with Custom Logo

  • $225.00

Customize the enamel around your logo with your team logo with team colours and/or favourite colour!

Your ring has cubics set in Champions Ice around your team logo! All rings will have approximately six to ten cubics depending on logo and ring size.

We will try incorporate as much detail as possible within the limits of our medium. Uploading a clear, crisp photo will improve your results.

Customize your top ring LOGO with your team or favourite colours!


Personalize your ring shoulders.

Baron is proud to offer this fantastic OVFL All-Star Ring with a personalized logo! Made of a high-strength, scratch-resistant metal alloy that simulates the sheen and brilliance of polished sterling silver for a fraction of the cost. This is the perfect product for someone that wants a single ring to celebrate a championship! 
When you order this ring you will receive a Baron Rings Design approval to ensure your peace of mind.
A lifetime warranty for refinishing, stone replacement or any other warranty related repair is included with purchase of the ring. Ring sizing is not included so please ensure that your finger size is correct when you purchase your ring.
Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.
If you are interested in team orders or fully custom rings please contact us!
Please ensure all submitted images are correct and acceptable. Additional charges may be incurred for a great deal or extreme revisions.