Black Band Jewellery Designs – Thank you for Caring

The RN Black Band Jewellery, the Practical Nurse Blue Ribbon Jewellery, and the Care Assistant Red Diamonds Jewellery are a representation of careers in health care that are facing unimaginable stress during this pandemic and beyond. These individuals who have chosen to provide a lifetime of knowledgeable, fair, respectful, and unbiased care are doing so with open hearts, working long hours away from family, and providing endless physical and emotional support to clients and their families.

~Maggie Henneberry

You stand strong fighting a Pandemic that threatens your clients and yourselves. My hope and wish is that the public will join us in choosing to gift these pieces in recognition and as a Thank You to your commitment for continuing to care for us in these most difficult times.

Sales represent:

  • Nurses who have just graduated whereby we engrave their School of Nursing initials and year of grad and if possible, the grads initials. This allows the ring to represent their place of graduation inside and following grad the ring represents their profession and all that it represents.
  • Nurses who are retiring. The perfect gift to represent years of commitment and dedication. (Engraving would be their RN number and their initials)
  • Nurses who are receiving a long-term service award. (Similar engraving)
  • Gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary and as important:
  • “Just Because I want to say Thank You!!!!"